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Director/Representative at Value Innovation Institute Co., Ltd.
Manabu Sawaguchi

Engineering from Waseda University, Graduate School of Science and Engineering. He has more than 30 years of experience in practical technology management, teaching, application and development both VE, QFD and TRIZ techniques in SANNO as one of Management Consultants focusing on MOT (Management Of Technology) field. At the same time, he had worked as a professor at SANNO University until last March of 2010 And, he has been a professor at
Graduate-school of Creative Science &Engineering at Waseda Universityfrom April of 2010 to March of 2017. Now, he is working as a professor at Graduate-school of Technology Management at Ritsumeikan University , a visiting professor, Graduate School of Engineering at Tohoku University and a part-time lecturer at Waseda University.
Other positions
Value Design Lab Director at Society of Japanese Value Engineering(SJVE) Vice Chairman at NPO Japan TRIZ SocietyDirector at GEOMATEC Co., Ltd (JASDAQ listed)

Manabu Sawaguchi

Recent book

Main papers

Main academic papers (peer-reviewed)

Year of publication Author(s) Title,Publisher
2017 Manabu Sawaguchi,Heikan Izumi The Study of Effective of TRIZ Tools for Kaizen Activities in Japan and Developing Countries, Journal of the European TRIZ Association, INNOVATOR,02/2017(04),pp.145-152
2017 Manabu Sawaguchi,Satoru Utsgi Effective Design Approach with Inventive Principles to Reputational Damage Risk on the Internet, Journal of the European TRIZ Association, INNOVATOR,01/2017(03), pp.31-36
2015 Heikan Izumi, Manabu Sawaguchi An Optimizing Process for Improvement Design based on TRIZ Information Integration Method, Procedia Engineering, Volume131, pp.569-576
2015 Manabu Sawaguchi Research on the Efficacy of Creative Risk Management Approach based on Reverse Thinking, Procedia Engineering, Volume131, pp.577-589
2015 Koichi Makino, Manabu Sawaguchi A quantifiable evaluation method for generated ideas with many varieties, Procedia Engineering, Volume131, pp.914-921
2015 Koichi Makino, Manabu Sawaguchi 6 2015年 Koichi Makino, Manabu Sawaguchi Research on Functional Analysis Useful in Utilizing TRIZ, Procedia Engineering, Volume131, pp.1021-1030
2015 Manabu Sawaguchi, Shintaro Ishikawa, Heikan Izumi Effectiveness of conceptual design process respecting “The Axiomatic Design Theory”, Procedia Engineering, Volume131, pp.1050-1063
2011 Manabu Sawaguchi A Study of Systematic Innovation based on an Analysis of “Big Hits”, Procedia Engineering, Volume9, pp.183-198
2011 Manabu Sawaguchi Innovation Activities Based On S-curve Analysis and Patterns of Technical Evolution- “From the standpoint of engineers, what is Innovation?”, Procedia Engineering, Volume9, pp.596-610

Main international conference papers (with peer review)

Year of publication Author(s) Title,Publisher
2016 Manabu Sawaguchi How does Japanese “Kaizen Activities” Collaborate with “Jugaad Innovation”?, Proceedings of PICMET2016 (Honolulu,USA)  
2015 Heikan Izumi, Manabu Sawaguchi A Products Planning Approach by TRIZ and IIM, Proceedings of the TRIZfest-2015 International Conference, pp.19-27
2015 Manabu Sawaguchi Functional Approach as a Valuable Way of Collaboration between Japanese Style Grass-Roots Innovation and that of Developing Countries, 12th HKIVM International Conference proceedings, pp.129-133
2014 He Xiaolei, Mingque Ye, Manabu Sawaguchi, Feng Pan Determination of labor costs in Steel Industry: A spatial panel data analysis, JAMS/JAIMS International Conference on Business & Information
2014 Manabu Sawaguchi, Itaru Nakahara Verification of Risk Countermeasures Regarding Expressway Traffic Control System Based on Creative Risk Management Approach (Research paper), Proceedings of PICMET2014 (Kanazawa, Japan), pp.3430-3440
2014 He Xiaolei, Mingque Ye, Manabu Sawaguchi, Feng Pan Estimation of Labor costs of Competitors in Steel Industry:A Spatial Econometric Approach, CASS(International Conference on Applied Social Science)2014 (Singapore)
2013 Yui Kato, Manabu Sawaguchi Design Process Management based on Redesigned Contradiction Matrix in Aesthetic field, Proceedings of ETRIA (Paris, France),pp.609-618
2013 Manabu Sawaguchi A Value Evaluation Method Based On “S-curve Analysis”, 53nd SAVE International Proceedings, pp.276-311
2013 Heikan Izumi, Manabu Sawaguchi Evaluation by Information Integration Method for Improvement Designs, Advanced Materials Research Vols. 694-697, pp.3109-3113
2013 Manabu Sawaguchi, Xiaolei He, Koichi Makino Vicissitude of Japanese Manufacturing Industry and Way of Chinese Manufacturing Industry, Advanced Materials Research Vols. 694-697, pp.3498-3506
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2012 Manabu Sawaguchi A STUDY OF INNOVATION-ORIENTED VE, 52nd SAVE International Proceedings, pp.428-440
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2006 Manabu Sawaguchi On The Potentiality Of TRIZ In MOT Field-Through Questionnaire Survey About Technologies-, The 6th ETRIA TRIZ Conference Proceedings, pp.9-17
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2004 Manabu Sawaguchi The Possibility Of Effective New Product Planning Activities By Utilizing “The Patterns Of Technological System Evolution”, The 4th ETRIA  TRIZ Conference Proceeding,pp.275-287
2002 Manabu Sawaguchi VE Activities Of Next Product Planning And Development Phase By Utilizing TRIZ Techniques, 42nd SAVE International Proceedings, pp.297-313